David Goltz was born in Celle, Germany. For his studies in art and photography he went to the Netherlands. When he finished his studies in 1995, he went back to Germany to support his family´s construction business. After one year struggeling with the decision going for construction or photography, he decided to follow his inner calling to become a photographer. Towards the end of the 90s he rented a foto laboratory and studio in Berlin where he also continued with chalk drawing. He combines photography and drawing until today which form for him a symbiotic and inspiring relationship. These days David Goltz lives in Hamburg and Berlin.
He works as a Photographer for national and international Fashion and People Magazines.

One of David`s clients describes David as follows:
„David is able to create an energy which allows the people infront of his camera to be themselves and allow intimacy as if the photographer was part of the scene or even not present. You get the person … emotions… true moments.“